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Brainstorming marketing ideas

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people

- Steve Jobs

Our Story

Sloane House Branding was launched in 2023 by a group of creative and innovative women passionate about helping grow a business's brand and awareness in the industry. No matter the size of your company, Sloane House Branding can positively influence your audience and how they view you and your services. As we have seen through the past few years, companies are investing more and more in marketing as people transition to a digital world. We understand that marketing can be overwhelming, and your focus needs to be on what you do best... YOUR TRADE! When hiring Sloane House Branding, you'll be confident that your business's marketing is handled with the utmost care. 

Understanding our clients needs and growing their business

Meet The Team

Lindsey Wojski

Brand Manager / Founder

Lindsey's degree in Marketing has been instrumental to the company. As Brand Manager at Sloane House Branding, Lindsey's job is to ensure all clients have effective branding and marketing that are cohesive. She oversees clients' social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. Aside from SHB, Lindsey is passionate and has a keen eye for design. Specifically, she loves creating unique ideas for clients and using them to show off on social media.

Angie Doll

Business Development Specialist

Angie began her career as an Interior Designer and transitioned to Marketing & Graphic Designer, gaining unparalleled experience in the marketing industry. With 13+ years of experience, her constant push for growth has enabled her to participate in many areas of the business, providing the best experience for her clients. Angie's role at Sloane House Branding is managing client accounts.



In House Marketing

Agency vs In house

Understanding the difference

The Cost

Working with an agency has many benefits, with one misconceived item to consider... COST! Although it may seem like hiring a marketing agency would be expensive, it usually costs you less than having an in-house team. How so? Consider how many people it takes to make a strong marketing team, maybe 2-3 people? Now think about each employee that needs to be paid a salary. The numbers start adding up. When you hire Sloane House Branding, you have an entire team of experts as your marketing team that you pay one cost vs. multiple employees. 

Sloane House Branding Connecting with clients
A team of experts supporting your brand

Team of Experts

Having a specialized team to handle all your marketing needs takes time and a distinctive skill set. The items are endless, from social platforms to marketing materials, creative work, copywriting, ads, and websites. Sloane House Branding encompasses a strong marketing team who will manage these items for you while elevating your brand. Business owners think they have the time, energy, and skill to meet their marketing needs. In reality, there's an art to successfully marketing a brand that isn't learned overnight. Not only to accomplish these items but sustain the brand identity.

Marketing Research and analytics

Consistent Growth

Consistent progress and growth are crucial to making your brand stand out and remain relevant. A dedicated marketing team allows your company to evolve consistently with a fresh perspective. Sloane House Branding has an expansive knowledge of industry trends and competition. This allows us to provide suggestions and areas of improvement. We will help generate these ideas and see them through to fruition. We are deadline orientated and follow a clear project structure, from planning to delivery, to ensure projects are to ensure the highest standards. 

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