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Elevate your brand to the highest standards

Elevate your brand

Our Difference​

Sloane House Branding is a marketing agency that thrives in a fast-paced market. We specialize in rebranding/branding, marketing strategies, planning and execution, digital marketing, social media, and graphic design. We find power in our passion and drive to create unique and stunning designs. Our ideas come from research-driven insight to understand your company/brand and your competitors. We focus on building brand awareness and expanding your presence in the industry. We strive to deliver above and beyond in every aspect of our company. We create captivating designs that provide consistent and authentic content to your brand’s image and identity.

Helping our clients stand out from the competition

Importance of Marketing

Marketing aims to create awareness of a product, service, company, or experience. It brings customers to the company's products/services and helps them keep their attention. No matter the size of your company, marketing can make or break your audience and how they view you and your services. As we have seen through the past few years, companies are investing more and more in marketing as people transition to a digital world. 


Our Services

Committed to helping you grow


Researching your brand to discover growth possibilities


Making a plan of action to optimize your brand

Make Plans

Working hard to deliver the best solutions to your brand

Work Hard

Seeing positive results from our hard work

See Results

SWOT analysis for your company and growth


A SWOT analysis identifies your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis helps us identify your company and what areas we need to address and grow in your brand/marketing. 

Strengths Elements that make you stand out include a strong brand, loyal customer base, unique manufacturing methods, etc.

Weaknesses Any roadblocks your company faces that limit you from performing at your highest level. These can also be seen as elements you must resolve to stand out above the competition.

Opportunities These can be items you know or not that are sources you can use to stand out in your industry. View these as your treasure box finds that you can resort to when taking over new endeavors.

Threats These could cause harm to your organization. Some of these are outside our control, like climate, rising costs for equipment/materials, increased competition, and potential health outbreaks ( ahem... COVID)

Brand Guideline

A brand guideline identifies a set of rules that define your brand's overall look and feel. A brand guideline covers everything from fonts, colors, themes, voice, and your company's mission. Sloane House Branding will help you refresh your business and stand out from the competition. We will help you rebrand while following the company's voice. You will be 100% involved in ensuring that we meet your needs and expectations. 

Customizing your brand to match your voice
Brand Guideline
Designing and updating your website to portray your company


The internet is fastly evolving, making online presence critical to consumers who can discover the company's story, see work samples, and hear from your clients. Here at Sloane House Branding, we have taken out all the intermediate steps to provide you with a streamlined experience that enhances your identity and promotes business in your company. We will work with you to identify your competition and provide essential features to help you stand out in the industry. This includes but is not limited to updates to the website, suggestions on additions/changes, and developing content.


Social Media

Over 75% of the world's population aged 13+ use social media. In addition, the average user will visit 7.2 social media platforms each month. That means that most of the public depends on social media when making decisions regarding their personal life, family, and home. Maintaining a consistent social media presence is extremely important for businesses; it establishes a rapport with your audience, increases brand engagement, and provides marketing and brand discovery opportunities. Sloane House Branding will curate relevant posts based on your brand, product promotions, current work, networking, industry engagement, etc.

Creating custom social media content relevant to your brand
Social Media

More Services

We have many more services we would love to share with you, such as blog writing, SEO analysis, marketing materials, etc. Please reach out if you would like to set up a meeting to see all that what we have to offer. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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